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Tiraspol separatists boycott "5+2" talks in Vienna planned by OSCE

The separatist regime in Tiraspol announced they would not attend the 5+2 meeting planned by OSCE on 7 – 8 Octomber in Vienna. The "5+2 talks" stand for negociations attended by the conflicting sides (Chisinau and Tiraspol), the mediators (OSCE, Russia and Ukraine) and the observers (USA and UE).

US ambassy in Chisinau deplored the Transdniester authorities’ refusal and called on Russia to encourage Tiraspol to adopt a cooperative attitude in the process of settling the Transdnierster conflict.

The separatists’ refusal comes after the cancelling on September 25 of a meeting between Moldovan president Vladmir Voronin and Igor Smirnov, self-styled president of Moldova’s break away region.