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Does Russia really try to broker a compromise in the Transdniester conflict?

On September 3, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev met Transdniester separatist leader Igor Smirnov at his summer Sochi residence. Acording to the president’s spokeswoman, during the talks the two agreed that the process of negociations in this frozen conflict would restart with the participacion of Chisinau, Tiraspol and Moscow. These 1+2 negociations would begin at a working group level, “but also possibly at a higher level".

Smirnov said after the Sochi meeting, he was ready for a compromise.

At a meeting with his Moldovan counterpart Vladimir Voronin on August 25, Medvedev had said he saw "good prospects" for reaching a deal with the separatists.

Some analysts say that after its invasion in Georgia, Russia is now keen to appear as a successful mediator in a frozen conflict to prove Moscow respects the territorial integrity of ex-Soviet states.

Other analysts fear Moscow tries to change the negociation format and in this way exclude from the talks Ukraine and OSCE as mediators, the European Union and the United States as observers.