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Chişinău communists ignore South Ossetia Crisis

The government in Chisinau has not reacted to the war in South Ossetia, although Moldova belongs to GUAM, the regional organization comprising also Georgia, Ukraine and Azerbaidjan. By contrast, Ukraine's Foreign Ministry has issued a statement on the situation in South Ossetia, which calls on Moscow to "withdraw its military from the territory of Georgia, and exert the necessary influence on the separatist regime in Tskhinvali, with the aim of restarting negociations.

In Tiraspol, the leadership of Moldova’s breakaway region Transnistria announced that they would come to the assistence of the separatists in South Ossetia. The self-styled foreign minister of Transnistria, Evgheni Iastrebceak said in an interview with Radio Free Europe that Tiraspol would not content itself with extending moral aid, but would think of other measures after consulting with South Ossetia and Russia.