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Freedom House Report - status of Moldova's press: not free

In its report for 2007, Freedom House states that Moldova has not a free press because the government often infringes on legally guaranteed press freedoms. Here are the conclusions of the report:

"President Vladimir Voronin’s government controls the public company Teleradio Moldova, and censorship is reportedly imposed on the stations. Owners of both state-run and private media continue to promote self-censorship, and many journalists avoid controversial issues that might cost them their jobs or draw libel suits, particularly when investigating issues of corruption.

In a particularly serious transgression of the need for open public broadcasting, Radio Antena C and Euro TV, the public municipal stations, were privatized in a process that was not open to public scrutiny.

Most private media are dependent on funds they receive through foundations created by foreign governments. The government frequently uses financial measures to harass the media, such as dissuading business owners from advertising in independent outlets.

In the separatist Transnistria region, media are sharply restricted and politicized. Most news outlets are controlled, owned, or funded by the Transnistrian authorities. Print media in Transnistria are required to register with the local Ministry of Information rather than the Moldovan government."