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Romanian elections to European Parliament: low turnout

At the elections to the European Parliament held in Romania on November 25 the turnout was under 30%. According to the final results announced on November 27 by the Central Electoral Commission, five Romanian parties will be represented in the Strasbourg Parliament. The 35 seats alocated to Romania in the EU legislature have been distributed among the parties according to the score obtained at the vote: 13 seats for the Democrats, 10 for the Social Democrats, 6 for the Liberals, 3 for the Liberal Democrats, 2 for the Hungarian Union. A mandate has been won by the independent candidate Laszlo Tokes.

The referendum held on the same day could not be validated since the turnout had been much under 50% (26%, two points lower than the turnout for the European elections). President Băsescu had asked the electorate if it did not prefer a radical change of the electoral system: voting in single-member constituencies on the basis of a majority two-ballot system.