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Amendments by Romanian Parliament to the Criminal Code criticized by American Ambassador - House of Deputies' Speaker loses his temper

In a speech held at the closing ceremony of the Romania Civil Society Strengthening Program, American Ambassador Nicholas F. Taubman expressed on November 15 concern about the recent amendments by Parliament to the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code . Ambassador Taubman said that these recent moves by the Parliament would weaken the ability of prosecutors and law enforcement officials to combat a wide range of serious crimes, including bribery and corruption.

Taubman added that "the investigative tools and techniques that the Parliamentarians who passed tha law, want to eliminate in Romania are the very same ones that are widely used elsewhere in Europe and in the United States to protect the public good and to hold officials at all levels accountable".

Ambassador Taubman drew also attention to the fact that these recent parliamentary amendments to the criminal statutes had been passed with little or no debate, little or no consultation with responsible law enforcement and judicial authorities, little or no transparency before the public

The remarks by Ambassador Taubman were later criticized by House of Deputies' Speaker Bogdan Olteanu who claimed that, by finding fault with the Romanian legislation, the American emissary exceeded his diplomatic statute.

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