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President Vladimir Voronin: "Mediators and Moldova are agreed on a draft of the future autonomous status of Transdniester"

Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin has said a solution may be in sight to the "frozen conflict" with the breakaway region of Transdniester. "A draft of the future status of Transdniester's autonomy has already been agreed upon," Voronin stated in an interview with RFE interview, conducted on November 2 in Chisinaul. "A mechanism of guarantees for implementing this status and work toward reunification has also been agreed on." Voronin added that the draft was the result of intensive bilateral consultations that had taken place with all members except Transdniester of the so-called "5+2 format of negociations" which includes OSCE, Russia, Ukraine, the United States and the European Union. Voronin would not elaborate on the plan's details. He said that while all the mediators - Russia - had agreed on it, Transdniester itself had yet to be brought on board.

Concerning Moldova's relations with Romania, Moldova's only EU neighbor, Voronin was more pessimistic. He said a decision this year by Bucharest to ease citizenship requirements for Moldovans had damaged relations. "If the Romanian authorities continue to base relations with us on questioning the Moldovan state's national identity, I am not convinced that relations will improve," he said, adding that Chisinau wiould "complain to all European and international bodies, because this concerns Moldova's statehood."

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