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President Voronin accuses Romania of undermining Moldova's statehood

Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin said on March 23 that Romania was pursuing a nationalist and "unionist" policy. In an interview with Reuters, Voronin added that "an intervention is under way against Moldova's statehood, its people, history and language."

Voronin argued that the "Moldovan language is the mother of the Romanian language. It is the mother. This is how it should be treated, and this is what we teach our citizens about our language. Attempts to call it Romanian, attempts to call it anything else, are attempts to cheat history and deceive one's own mother."

Since Romania's accesion to the European Union in January, hundreds of thousands of Moldovans have applied for Romanian passports. They have been trying to take up a long-standing Romanian offer of citizenship.

On the other hand, Moldovan President said that currently improved relations with Russia meant that prospects to resolve Moldova's 15-year-old dispute with its pro-Moscow separatist region of Transdniester better.

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