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Moldovan Government: Romania's citizenship policy jeopardizes Moldova's security

Moldova's Goverment on March 7 accused Romania of undermining Moldova's "national security and the principles of state" by easing the process by which Moldovans may obtain Romanian citizenship. Chisinau said in a statement that Bucharest's citizenship policy and its "unwillingness to sign a basic political treaty and a border treaty" with Moldova confirm Romania's "real intentions."

Under a law passed in 1999, any Moldovan able to prove that he/she or his or her parents were born in territories belonging to Romania before World War II has the right of citizenship. Most of Moldova was part of Romania before it was annexed by the Soviet Union both during and after the war.

Romanian President Traian Basescu declined to comment on the Moldovan government's statement, but said Romania's policy toward Chisinau remains unchanged. Basescu recently called for the citizenship-application process to be simplified. Romania says that 800,000 Moldovans have submitted applications for citizenship.