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Romanian President on the Black Sea region's opportunities and risks

During a meeting of foreign diplomats in Bucharest, Romanian President Basescu said on January 22 that the Black Sea region had become an "area of human and drugs trafficking to the European Union and of arms trafficking to conflict regions." Basescu stressed on the other hand the importance of the region as a supplier of energy resources to the EU.

Expressing the wish to have Russia as a partner in questions relating to the Black Sea region, the President said that Romania planned to continue to deepen relations with the Republic of Moldova. Emphasizing that Bucharest's main objective in 2006 is the accession to the European Union, Basescu called on the EU to offer Moldova a "road map" for accession, similar to that proposed to Macedonia and Bosnia. "We believe the Republic of Moldova has an European destiny" Basescu said.

As for the Romanian-Moldovan relations, Traian Basescu declared that they were based on the principle “one nation, two separate states”, adding that Bucharest would continue to help Chisinau both politically and economically.