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Sergei Lavrov is unhappy with Chisinau's insistence on settling the conflict with Transdniester on the basis of Moldovan legislation,

Russia Foreign Minster Sergei Lavrov accused Moldova on 20 December of impeding a settlement of the conflict with the breakaway Transdniester region. "As long as the Moldovan government insists on resolving the problem on its own terms and on the basis of its legislation, passed at the expense of abandoning all its previous initiatives, I don't see any chance to get the matter off the ground," Lavrov was quoted by ITAR-TASS. Lavrov also said that Chisinau's insistence that Russian troops leave the region was holding up a settlement.

Also on 20 December, Russian Ambassador at Large Valerii Nesterushkin said Transdniester should have "a special status within the framework of Moldova".