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Chisinau accuses Tiraspol of smuggling arms to Saddam Hussein's Iraq and to Chechnya

Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin on 29 October balemed authorities in Tiraspol for having supplied arms-manufacturing equipment to Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq. According to ITAR-TASS, Voronin said Chisinau obtained official documents indicating that Saddam Hussein had received production lines for the manufacture of weapons from the Nistru region.

Voronin's allegations occured after Moldovan Prime Minister Vasile Tarlev on 27 October told Russian journalists that weaponry from Russian arms depots in Transnistria had been sent to Chechnya, where some of it fell into the hands of the Chechen resistance and the militants responsible for the September 2004 attack in Beslan. In an interview with Interfax, Chechen Deputy Interior Minister Akhmad Dakaev dismissed Tarlev's allegations as "politically motivated."