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Opposition leader arrested in Moldova's Gagauz-Yeri autonomous region

Mihail Formuzal - mayor of Ceadar Lunga in the Gagauz-Yeri autonomous region - was detained on 19 October on suspicion of abuse of office that allegedly cost the local budget 5 million lei ($400,000) in 1999-2004. According to BASA Press, Formuzal described his arrest “as an attempt by the Gagauz-Yeri leadership to settle accounts with a political opponent through law-enforcement structures". Farmuzal, who was released later the same day on his own recognizance, belongs to the leadership of the opposition People's Republican Party and heads the United Gagauz movement. He lost to Gagauz-Yeri Governor Gheorghe Tabunscic in the 2002 gubernatorial election.

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