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Chişinău and Tiraspol: Two days of talks in the new 5+2 format

After a break of 15 months, the negociations to settle the Transnistrian conflict restarted in Chisinau on Thursday, October 27. Besides the conflicting parties and the mediators Russia, Ukraine and OSCE, at the new talks there took part as observers representatives of the United States and the European Union.

At the negociations which were continued in Tiraspol on Friday, participants agreed to call into being an international commission to evaluate the situation in Transnistria and establish the conditions necessary for free and correct elections.

The American representative Steve Mann (Assistant Secretary of State for conflicts in Eurasia) said the the ballot could be held within the context of the Ukrainian plan to settle the conflict.

The decision was also hailed by the EU Special Representative for Moldova Adriaan Iakubovitz de Szeged.

Ukraine’s chief negociator Dmitryi Tkaci said that the elections could only be held after the lapse of an eight-month period from the moment of the Commission’s activity start.