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Moldovan Parliament passes law on principles regarding future status of the regions east of the Dniester

The Moldovan Parliament on 22 July adopted a law on the principles that will guide the future status of the regions east of the Dniester River. According to the bill passed with the votes of all parliamentary factions, Transdniester will become an autonomous territorial unit within the Republic of Moldova and Tiraspol will exercise its prerogatives in line with the stipulations of the Moldovan Constitution. The highest political organ of the Transdniester autonomy will be the Supreme Council which will be elected by universal ballot.

The first such ballot will be organized by OSCE only after the Russian Federation has pulled its military forces from Transdniester and the region has been subjected to a process of demilitarization and democratization.

The Moldovan parliament has also voted to reduce the electoral threshold for parties and "social political organizations" from 6 percent to 4 percent and for electoral blocs of two or more parties to 8 percent. At the same session, legislators voted to modify the procedure for appointing members of the Central Electoral Commission. The term of office for election-commission members was reduced from six to five years.