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Vasile Sova: no staging of elections in Transdniester as long as Tiraspol fails to respect basic human rights

Moldovan Minister for Reintegration Vasile Sova told reporters in Vienna on 22 June that Tiraspol must ensure the observance of basic human rights, before any internationally monitored elections may be organized there. Sova noted that in Transdniester there are still political prisoners who are recognized as such by the European Court of Human Rights. Noting that the region is under the ideological control of the so-called military police or the so-called State Security Ministry", Sova concluded: "Unless all of these obstacles are eliminated with the help of the international community, I don't think we can talk about setting a concrete date for elections there."

The Moldovan parliament has recently approved Ukraine's plan for the Transdniester conflict settlement, which calls, inter alia, for holding democratic parliamentary elections under international monitoring in the separatist region.