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Chisinau deplores unannounced visit to Tiraspol of a Russian executive official

The Moldovan Foreign Ministry on 21 June issued a statement expressing its "regret that high-ranking Russian officials visit the Transdniester region without coordination with the Moldovan authorities". The statement referred to the visit to Tiraspol of Modest Kolerov, head of the Department for Interregional and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries in the Russian presidential administration. According to the Foreign Ministry, the incident "calls in question Moscow's wish to promote a peaceful and lasting solution of the Transdniester conflict." Chisinau demanded explanations from Russian Ambassador Nikolai Ryabov.

Russian legislators have repeatedly traveled to Transdniester in recent months without notifying Chisinau, but Kolerov's is the first surreptitious trip of a Russian executive official to Moldova's secessionist region. Kolerov urged the newly created Transdniester youth organization "Proryv" (Breakthrough), whose declared goal is "to overthrow the Voronin regime", to share experiences with Nashi, the Russian youth movement that supports President Vladimir Putin.