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Open door for a dialogue both inside and outside Moldova

Parliamentary speaker Marian Lupu told journalists in Chisinau on 15 June that last week's parliamentary votes on the settlement of the Transdniester conflict "open the door for a dialogue both inside and outside the country". Lupu declared that Chisinau would also like to hear "the voice of the population from Transdniester" on the settlement. Alluding to Russian criticism of last week's votes on Transdniester, he also said Chisinau is not pursuing an anti-Russian policy.

Deputy parliamentary speaker Iurie Rosca said that Chisinau does not consider the separatist authorities in Tiraspol a valid negotiation partner regarding the Transdniester settlement. In an interview with Flux Agency, Rosca noted that "the documents approved on 10 June by the parliament clearly emphasize that the current regime in Tiraspol is criminal...and cannot be a dialogue partner for the legal authorities of the Republic of Moldova," Rosca was commenting on Tiraspol's criticism of the Moldovan parliament's votes endorsing Ukraine's plan for Transdniester and calling for a Russian military pullout from Transdniester.