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Moldovan parties praise Ukraine and fault its plan

At a joint conference in Chisinau on 24 May , leaders of major Moldovan parties - the Communist Party, the Christian Democratic Popular Party, the Democratic Party, the Moldova Noastra Alliance, the Social Liberal Party, and the Social Democratic Party – expressed some criticism at a recently unveiled Ukrainian plan for resolving the Transdniester conflict.

"We like Ukraine playing an increasingly active role in the Transdniester problem settlement, but we think that this role should be more positive" said Liberal Party Chairman Oleg Serebrean. Deputy parliamentary speaker Iurie Rosca, leader of the Christian Democratic Popular Party, said that Ukraine's plan did not mention the pullout of Russian troops from Transdniester or Moldovan-Ukrainian cooperation in establishing joint border checkpoints. "

Moldova's Ministry of Reintegration on 20 May made public Ukraine's plan for settling the conflict over the Transdniester separatist region. The plan essentially provides for passing a law by the Moldovan Parliament by August to define Transdniester's status as an autonomous entity within the Republic of Moldova; holding early and democratic elections to the Tiraspol legislature under international monitoring by November.

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