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Moldovan Parliament calls on Russia to withdraw its troops from Transdniester by the end of 2005

After passing a declaration endorsing the Ukrainian plan for the Transdniester conflict settlement, Moldovan lawmakers on 10 June called on Russia to withdraw its military contingent, armaments and ammunition from the separatist region of Transdniester by the end of 2005. The appeal was addressed to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Council of Europe, the United States, Russia, Ukraine, and Romania. In another resolution, the Moldovan Parliament appealed to the OSCE and the Council of Europe for assistance in democratizing the breakaway region.

Before the vote, President Vladimir Voronin urged deputies to adopt the Ukrainian plan as the "most interesting and promising" of all the conflict settlement schemes that have ever been discussed between Chisinau and Tiraspol. According to Voronin, the most crucial provision of Yushchenko's plan is that it provides for the future of Moldova as an integral state. Voronin added: "Ukraine focuses the attention on a major settlement mechanism: the democratization of Transdniester. Even if the plan had only included this one provision, Viktor Yushchenko's proposal should have been welcomed warmly".