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Romanian Journalists freed in Irak after month-long ordeal

Three Romanian journalists and their Iraqi-American guide were freed after nearly two months being held hostage in Iraq. Romanian President Traian Basescu's spokeswoman Adriana Saftoiu said the hostages were not harmed physically and the journalists are in the custody of Romanian authorities.

"At this moment I can confirm that the three Romanian citizens - Marie Jeanne Ion, Sorin Miscoci and Ovidiu Eduard Ohanesia - have been under the protection of the Romanian authorities since 13:44 (Bucharest time on Sunday). The good news is that they are in good health. They will be brought home soon and we are going to inform the media when they will be back in Romania."

The kidnappers had threatened to kill the hostages unless Romania pulled its 800 troops from Iraq. Romania had refused to do so.