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Two candidates for Moldovan Presidency

Incumbent President Vladimir Voronin and George Duca, the president of the Moldovan Academy of Sciences, will face each other in elections on 4 April. Both candidates were nominated by the ruling Party of Moldovan Communists (PCM). PCM lawmakers submitted the necessary forms for Duca's candidacy in order to meet a legal requirement that there be at least two candidates.

Both the Democratic Moldova Bloc and the Popular Party Christian Democratic declined to nominate candidates for president, keeping a pledge not to participate in the elections.

The PCM holds 56 mandates in the 101-seat parliament, fewer than the 61 votes necessary to elect a president. The Democratic Moldova Bloc (BMD) has 26 seats in the new parliament, the Popular Party Christian Democratic (PPCD) has 11, and the Democratic Party faction, which split from the BDM, has eight seats.