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Once sworn in, new old president nominates incumbent prime minister to form new government

Vladimir Voronin was sworn in as Moldova's president on 7 April. In his inauguration speech to a joint session of parliament and the Constitutional Court, Voronin said that "for the first time, the presidential election d\had become an occasion for unity and the consolidation of various political forces”.

"The imperative of joining the European Union compels us to put aside old grievances" he added. President Voronin also said closer ties with Moldova's "European friends" will help Chisinau resolve its 15-year conflict in the separatist Transdniester region.

After taking the oath of office, Voronin reappointed Vasile Tarlev as prime minister . Tarlev's cabinet needs to win a simple majority of 52 votes in the 101-member parliament for confirmation. Press speculation had also been focusing on Moldova's Foreign Minister Andrei Stratan as a possible candidate for the post. There was concern that naming Stratan, who has openly called Russian troops in the breakaway region of Transdniester an occupation force, would have severely damaged relations with the Kremlin.