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Incumbent President wins reelection

Incumbent President Vladimir Voronin was reelected for a second term on 4 April. Voronin, leader of the Party of Moldovan Communists (PCM), received 75 votes in the 101-seat parliament, 14 more than the 61 required.

Deputies from the Popular Party Christian Democratic, the Social Liberal Party and the Democratic Party (the latter two having defected from the Democratic Moldova Bloc) cast their votes for Voronin. Voronin's opponent Gheorghe Duca, president of the Moldovan Academy of Sciences, won a single vote. The PCM put Duca on the ballot to meet a legal requirement that there be at least two candidates.

After winning reelection, President Voronin promised to push his program of steering Moldova out of Russia's sphere of influence and into European institutional structures.

Prior to the vote, Voronin denounced the presence of Russian troops in the separatist region of Transdniester. "It is important for Russia to withdraw its military contingent and the remaining weapons," he said. "But they must not be replaced by people in uniform from other countries. Any military presence is an anachronism," Voronin added.