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President Băsescu wants Romania to be party to the Transdniester negociating process

Romanian President Traian Basescu reiterated his position that Romania must be part of the negotiations to resolve the Transdniester conflict. In an interview with RFE/RL on 19 February, Basescu said that during his recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, he "expressed this point of view [on Transdniester], and I did not expect an immediate answer from my counterpart because this is an issue of analysis." But Basescu said he felt that Putin did not oppose this position.

Traian Băsescu also outlined his vision for Romania's future role in the Black Sea basin, an area where the three dimensions of crime - narcotics, arms smuggling, and human trafficking - are concentrated". Basescu called on Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey to focus on this area and perhaps establish a task force to monitor criminal activities on the Black Sea".

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