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President Băsescu calls for the total opening of the Securitate files

In a comprehensive interview with RFE/RL, Romanian president Traian Basescu reiterated his determination to fight widespread corruption in Romania and called for the total opening of Romania's Securitate files - an divisive issue in the Romanian society of the last 15 years.

Traian Băsescu added that in order to avoid the current general suspiciousness the archives of the Securitate must be given to the the National Council for the Study of the Securitate Archives and then be totally opened. "I will introduce the issue for discussion at the first meeting of the country's Supreme Defense Council on 28 February.

With the support of specialists we will have to evaluate the national security risks posed by total openness - and I do not think that they will be greater than the risk of not totally opening the Securitate files" – concluded president Băsescu.