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EU membership talks technically closed - tough monitoring provisions

Romania wrapped up its accession talks with the Euroopean Union on Wednesday, accepting tougher monitoring conditions than any other EU candidate. These monitoring conditions could lead to postponing Romania’s integration date by one year. EU offcials imposed conditions on 11 areas for the 2 chapters technically closed on Wednesday: Justice and Home Affairs (JAI) and Competition.

As far as JAI is concerned Bucharest was asked to provide detailed information regarding the border security contract signed with EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company) without a prior auction.

The European Commission will monitor the National Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office’s activity and the changes to the Penal Code meant to ensure that corruption cases are tried faster and more transparently,

European Commission asked Bucharest to limit subsidies in the steel production asking for a reduction of steel production by 2 million tons a year. Bruxelles also asked for the reimbursement afer 2007 of all state aid granted since September. European Commission also said Government must provide reasons for the emergency ordinance by which the Authority for State Assets took over RAFO and Carom companies’ debts worth 400 million euros.