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Parliament seat distribution - ruling coalition building might be intricate

The distribution of seats in the new parliament elected on 28 November might render ruling coalition building difficult. The Social Democratic Party (PSD)-Humanist Party (PUR) Union has 132 seats in the 332-seat lower house, where it might be able to form a majority with the Hungarian Democratic Federation of Romania (UDMR) (22 seats) and the 18 representatives of other national minorities.

Those national minorities are not represented in the 137-seat Senate, where the PSD-PUR has 57 senators and the UDMR has 10. The National Liberal Party -Democratic Party Alliance is represented in the new legislature by 112 deputies and 49 senators. The Greater Romania Party (PRM) has 48 deputies and 21 senators .

Speaking in Arad on 2 December, Prime Minister Adrian Nastase ruled out forming a ruling coalition with the extremist PRM. Nastase said this option would "create serious communication problems with the United States and the EU." Nastse added that the PRM must undergo a process of modernization and "adapt itself to European standards."