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Study on Romania's role in the Holocaust

An international panel headed by Nobel-prize winner Elie Wiesel presented on Thursday a study that documented Romania's role in the Holocaust. The panel of experts from Romania, the United States, Israel, France and Germany concluded that Romanian authorities were responsible for the deaths of between 280,000 and 380,000 Jews and more than 11,000 Gypsies.

In addition, another 132,000 Romanian Jews were killed by pro-Nazi Hungarian authorities who controlled parts of northern Romania during the war, the report said. In its study, the panel urged Romanian authorities to introduce Holocaust studies into the schools' curricula, and hold a national day of mourning for the victims.

At the ceremony where the study was presented in Bucharest, president Ion Iliescu took responsibility in the name of his country for actions taken by its wartime leaders. The panel had been set up last year after Iliescu made comments downplaying the Holocaust in Romania.