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Holocaust Remembrance Day officially observed in Romania

Romania observed officially The Holocaust Remembrance Day for the first time on the 12 of October by organizing i.a. a solemn session of the Parliament.

Reffering to this event, Helsinki Commission Chairman Christopher H. Smith noted: "Over the last decade, our concerns regarding anti-Semitic trends in Romania, as well as efforts by some groups in Romania to rehabilitate Marshall Antonescu and honor him as a war hero, have been raised often." "The establishment of a National Day of Holocaust Remembrance, the work of the Wiesel Commission, and President Iliescu's direct statements about Romania's role in that tragedy are important steps in reversing those trends and in educating the people of Romania about that dark and important part of their country's history" said Smith.

Between 200 and 400 thousand jews lost their lives in Romania during the military dictatorship of Marshall Antonescu.

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