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President Voronin rejects the idea of federalizing Moldova

Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin rejected Russian press comments to the effect that Chisinau's relations with Moscow and Kiev had grown cold and that Moldova might leave the CIS. Reaffirming Moldova's neutrality, Voronin said that what the press called a cooling off of the relations was nothing else than the consequent promotion of national interests.

During a press conference, president Voronin rejected the idea of federalizing the country arguing that nobody could guarantee that Tiraspol would not ask for new concessions. Voronin stressed again that Chisinau was no longer willing to negociate with Tiraspol and asked once more for international stabilization forces to replace the present peace forces which, dominated by Russian militaries, did not fulfill their mission. He mentioned in this respect the peace forces' lack of response to the schools and railways crises.

On the other hand, president Voronin asked Russian speakers to learn the state language, arguing that this would lead to a natural bilingualism.

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