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Teleradio protesting journalists aggressed after midnight

Persons in civilian clothes and military boots assaulted the group of protesting journalists from the state-owned company TeleRadio-Moldova on Saturday at around 01.00 a.m. The aggressors devasted the place in front of the National Radio building in Chisinau where the protestors had been demonstrating for 11 days.

Eugen Vitu, spokesman for the Interior Ministry, said he had not the foggiest idea about incidents near the National Radio. TeleRadio-Moldova manager Ilie Telescu said he would not comment on these incidents. Chisinau Deputy Mayor Gheorghe Susarenso stated that such actions go beyond the limits of reason.

The TeleRadio-Moldova journalists protest the biased reemployment contest at TeleRadio-Moldova. They accuse the TeleRadio-Moldova administration of eliminating all journalists unloyal to the Communist authorities.

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