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Local election in Romania: PSD defeated in Bucharest

Traian Basescu, the incumbent mayor of Bucharest and candidate of the Liberal Democrat Alliance surpassed his challenger from the ruling party PSD, Mircea Geoana, by almost 25 percent. According to the exit-polls, the Alliance won the city council seats as well as most of the district councils inflicting an overwhelming defeat on the ruling party in the capital city, in spite of the huge PSD election campaign budget.

In Cluj and Timisoara PSD also lost the elections for local councils, winning instead in Iasi and Constanta. In Cluj, the competition between PSD's representative Ioan Rus and Democrat Emil Boc is very tight, the final result in the second voting round depending on the vote of the supporters of Greater Romania Party (PRM) and ethnic Hungarians alliance (UDMR).

PSD leader Adrian Nastase said at the press conference called after the end of the first voting round that his party had won the elections, estimating that PSD’s turnover at national level would exceed 40%. He reiterated then his electoral promises that the PSD government would double the minimum wage and increase the lowest pensions by 50%.