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V. Voronin calls for a pact of stability and security for Moldova

Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin has called on Russia, the United States, Romania, Ukraine, and the European Union (E.U.) to sign a multilateral pact that would guarantee the stability and security of Moldova.

Speaking on Tuesday at a meeting with ambassadors to Moldova, Voronin said that Chisinau was pursuing a policy of „strategic neutrality“ between UE and CIS. In this context, Voronin expressed regret over the lack of "long-term guarantees for the entire Moldovan state", stressing that "Moldova expects Russia, the U.S., Romania, Ukraine and the E.U. to reach a multilateral compromise in this respect.

Referring to Voronin’s proposal, Romanian President Ion Iliescu said that Moldova’s stability was guaranteed by OSCE. Stressing that he had not been consulted by Voronin, Iliescu added that the Moldovan proposal should be studied attentively.

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