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Open - air Congress: PPCD open to European and NATO integration

The Christian Democratic People's Party (PPCD) held on Sunday an ordinary congress in the central square of Chisinau. In the opening speech PPCD chairman Iurie Rosca said the congress was held outdoors because the authorities had rejected his party’s request to rent a hall in the city.

Speaking of the political situation in Moldova, Rosca noted that the PPCD leaders’ visits to the West "had helped internationalizing the political conflict with the Communists." He expressed his regret that under these conditions PPCD could not rely on other opposition forces, most of which prefer to avoid risks. Referring to the centre-left parties’s refusal to create along with PPCD a united opposition bloc, Rosca said that they were under Moscow’s influence.

Iurie Rosca estimated that „the ideea of integrating within NATO“ was the "demarcation line" that separated pro-western from pro-Russia forces, since all the new European Union members had first been NATO members before acceding to EU. He stressed the need of international organisations’ support - notably NATO – in order to terminate "the Russian occupation of Transnistria" and asked for inviting the United States, Romania and Ukraine to the negociations.