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International adoptions: an American - European controversy

US ambassador to Romania Michael Guest gave a reception aimed at drawing attention to the benefits of international adoption as compared to the institutionalization of abandoned children. For this purpose Michael Guest invited some 20 American families who had adopted Romania children.

On the same day, the Delegation of the European Comission in Romania called the international adoption the „last means” of solving the problem of abandoned children. In a statement published after the reception at the American Ambassy, the European Comission stressed the importance of maintaining the cultural, linguistic, ethnic and religious conditions a child was born in.

The American Ambassy deplored afterwards the EC statement, considering that it tried to suggest that the American side had acted in the interest of the adopting families and not of the adopted children.

In a letter sent to the British newspaper The Guardian, the European Parliament Raporteur on Romania Emma Nicholson stated that the draft law passed by the Romanian Senate reflected legislation in many UE states.